My Scorpion Chin Stand Pose Journey

About the Yoga Pose, a Tutorial, and How I Got There Yoga has taught me a lot about myself. The practice of yoga, both on and off the mat, has boosted my confidence, reduced mental stress, and given me the gift of fitness that can come with me wherever I may go. All you needContinue reading “My Scorpion Chin Stand Pose Journey”

Yoga and Mental Health (Part 2 Resources)

As promised, I wanted to follow up my post Yoga and Mental Health with a companion post full of resources that describe the ways in which yoga can benefit your mental wellness. Here are a few of such resources with a brief overview to help you decide whether you would like to begin a yogaContinue reading “Yoga and Mental Health (Part 2 Resources)”

Yoga and Mental Health

Becoming a certified yoga instructor opened the gateway to taking better care of myself, not just physically — mentally, as well. I began to practice self care that worked for me. I maintained a positive practice, incorporating vinyasa and restorative yoga, as well as healthier eating habits and ahimsa. I found much of what IContinue reading “Yoga and Mental Health”