My Scorpion Chin Stand Pose Journey

About the Yoga Pose, a Tutorial, and How I Got There

Yoga has taught me a lot about myself. The practice of yoga, both on and off the mat, has boosted my confidence, reduced mental stress, and given me the gift of fitness that can come with me wherever I may go. All you need is a mat or accessible chair, and you are good to go!

I began practicing my chinstand scorpion pose early this year. It is an advanced yoga pose that requires careful and thoughtful practice to protect the neck and back. It may come as no surprise that my journey to this yoga pose came with props.

Some of the benefits to practicing this asana include:

  • Back strength
  • Hip strength
  • Pelvic strengthening
  • Legs strengthening
  • Back flexibility
  • and back balance

The yoga props I used to begin my practice included 2 yoga blocks, preferably sturdier cork ones, and a small-to-medium sized yoga wheel. I began by getting a feel for rolling my torso forward on the wheel with the blocks together under both shoulders. See tutorial one below:

Scorpion Chin Stand with wheel and blocks

Next, I removed the wheel when I felt strong enough to lift up and arch my back while still being supported by the blocks under the shoulders. (I also practiced removing the blocks and just using the wheel to see where I was at as far as comfort in the yoga pose.) See tutorial two below:

Scorpion Chin Stand with blocks

Finally, after several months of incorporating these variations of supported chinstand scorpion pose, I gave it a try without the props. It is very important to note that this is an advanced yoga pose and should be worked up to with props and supports during practice for a lengthy period of time before you begin the asana without them. Strain in the neck is possible if not continually and habitually practiced with gradual care. Really explore your body and it’s strengths and limitations. See tutorial three below:

Scorpion Chin Stand without props

Key pose cues to remember when practicing Scorpion Chin Stand:

  • Start on all fours in a box pose
  • Lift one leg in the air to begin to find balance
  • Drop your shoulders into a narrow, tight and strong push-up position
  • Drop the chin and chest and find balance here
  • Press evenly into the palms
  • Curl the toes of the leg on the ground
  • Lift the leg up with a gentle kick to meet the other in the air
  • Carefully begin to arch the back and bend the knees
  • Point the toes towards the crown of the head

*IMPORTANT: Remember, this is an advanced pose and must be practiced slowly and with caution. I have low blood pressure and when I first began to practice the asana, I felt a blood rush to the head upon transitioning out of the pose.

I hope you have found this story and tutorial helpful. Have fun with inversions. Yoga props are your friends; don’t be afraid to use them to assist you in your practice!

Published by Joanna Fanuko

Joanna is a yoga RYT-200 hour certified instructor registered with Yoga Alliance. Joanna is also pursuing her MSW. She writes for her personal website and yoga blog, — Namaste.

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