Crystals 101

To speak in depth of crystals and their meanings would take much time and effort, but if you would like to get a general idea of the power held in stones then look no further than “Crystals 101!” Below I will outline some basics on common crystals, their meanings and uses, and ways in which you can harness their magic.

What is a Crystal?

A crystal is a solid mineral compound coming in may shapes, colors and sizes and carrying within and about them geometric faces and patterns. Crystals generally refer to the stones found in nature and also created in labs that can be used in jewelry, decoration and singularly on their own to bring the holder various powers — or at least nudge a person in the direction of the meanings it possesses.

Common Types of Crystals

There are so many types of crystals, families of crystals, variations of crystals and combinations of crystals. Below is a list of a few stones that have been commonly seen in parts of the world and used for their meanings and purpose.


Quartz crystals come in many different colors and types. Clear quartz is often used in healing and spiritual growth for its holder, while pink quartz can represent love and relationships. Overall, quartz is an excellent cleanser of energy and it is frequently found in forms within other gemstones. It is also a stabilizing stone.


Jade crystals, often seen in a green color or hue, represent fortune and good luck in many cultures both eastern and beyond. This crystal can provide tranquility and balance to its wearer. Not only in green, red jade is a “warrior” stone which brings about vitality to its holder as well as protection of the life force.


Amethyst typically comes in a purple tone and it is a great crystal for mental illness and addiction issues. An “all purpose” stone, amethyst can provide spiritual guidance and relief from stress and anxiety. This calming stone is said to quiet the mind and inner turmoil and provide wisdom in the face of chaos and adversity, making it an excellent stone to use when troubled by life’s daily stressors.

Finding Meaning in Crystals

Crystal meanings are often relative to the type of stone as well as what you, the holder, are looking for. Resources on crystal meanings are abundant both by book and by the internet. Here are a few excellent articles on finding meaning in crystals:

The Complete Guide to Crystals — An A-Z appendix on many crystal types and their meanings

5 Ways to Find Your Own Crystal Meaning — A step-by-step on creating your own personal meaning around your crystals

A Guide to Healing Crystals — An alternative and holistic approach to the power of crystal energy and its meanings

How to Use a Charged Crystal

Finally, I leave my readers with advice on charging and using your newly “adopted” crystals. Many require a gentle rinse in cool water or an overnight outside under the moonlight. A few more common ways to charge your crystal include: incense burning around them, soaking them in a tonal sound bath, or burying them in the cool dirt of the ground. When your crystal is charged and ready for use, you will feel its slight vibrational energy in the palm of your hand. Hold it uncovered and meditate on what you wish it to bring you guidance with.

Whether you fully believe in crystals or not, there is a lot of science behind crystal energy, and a lot of good can come from reflecting on the beauty of stones and manifesting your own destiny.

Published by Joanna Fanuko

Joanna is a yoga RYT-200 hour certified instructor registered with Yoga Alliance. Joanna is also pursuing her MSW. She writes for her personal website and yoga blog, — Namaste.

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