Yoga with Crystals

There are many ways to incorporate crystals into your yoga practice. From meditation with focus on a guiding crystal, to setting an intention with a crystal on your alter or near you in practice, crystals can help to guide your yoga flow. Here I list a few benefits of bringing crystals to your yoga sequences.

Crystal Intentions

We can use crystals within our yoga practice by allowing them to guide us as we set an intention. At the beginning of your asana flow or meditation, you can carry a crystal with you and place it near to your yoga mat or meditation pillow. Set your intention. For example, use a rose quartz crystal to set a self-love and heart opening intention for your yoga practice, and use heart chakra opening asana in your sequence. In meditation, you may have a crystal near you as you focus on your breath.

Crystal Meditations

In addition to setting an intention with a crystal as your guide, you may use a crystal to focus on during a meditation session. I have used my Nirvana quartz crystal for focus and enlightenment in my meditation practice. If you would like to meditate with a focus on healing from worldly addictions, you can incorporate an amethyst, know for its powers in breaking unhealthy cycles, into your dedicated focus. Place the crystal in front of you and softly gaze at it while channeling your focus and breath towards it.

Crystal Drishti (Focal Point)

A “drishti” is a Sanskrit word for “focal point.” We can use a drishti to gaze at an object in front of us to help us hold a balancing pose in yoga practice. When I work on freestanding headstands, or Salamba Sirsasana, I like to place a small crystal in front of me and center it to my gaze. Having a crystal for a focal point can help you balance and focus by having one point to view and pose with. It also helps to use a crystal that is meaningful to your practice that day. For instance, I have used a serpentine crystal to be one with nature and the Earth, as well as to help with grounding in the pose.

Crystal Chakra Energy

Crystals can be used to open blocked chakra energy. Pick a crystal for which you would like to energize within your yoga practice. I often use grounding stones when I wish to focus on stability. Carnelian, a beautiful red stone, can help with the root and sacral chakras and assist in hip openers while bringing flowing energy to your passions and sexuality.

Aesthetic Crystals

And finally, crystals can add a beautiful physical aesthetic to your yoga practice environment. They can beautify your place as you move through your asana, and are beautiful to look at as you move in and out of postures!

Whatever the reason may be, crystals can enhance your yoga practice and guide you in new ways. For more on yoga with crystals, lookout for my next post on Crystals 101!

Published by Joanna Fanuko

Joanna is a yoga RYT-200 hour certified instructor registered with Yoga Alliance. Joanna is also pursuing her MSW. She writes for her personal website and yoga blog, — Namaste.

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